Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Introducing My Self!!!

- As all of u already know,this blog is not going to be a personal blog anymore because me(Muhammad Dieny Akmal bin Rushdi) will also take charge to manage dis damn blog!!!

- I'll try my best to entertain all of you.

- Dats all in english version.

- Tp bnyk lg ak nk leterkn dlm bhsa melayu.hahaha...

- K, ak dieny/m/mad/dik mad/cekmad n bnyk lg...maybe anis rjin kot utk list kn suma nma smaran ak.hahaha...

- Kt ats ni la ak. bkn nk promote tp nk mmperkenalkn ja k??

- N kalu nk invistigate lbih lnjut psl ak, pndai2lah korg. hehehe...

- 2ja. Assalamualaikum....

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